A rocking piece of lounge furniture that leaves new possibilities for relaxation and hangouts in the urban space. TimberLounge is the relaxed version of TimberNest.

Take a break outdoors

Outdoor lounge furniture such as TimberLounge is great for chilling in with friends.

Room for 3 or more

TimberLounge has room for three people, so you can enjoy life outdoors with a buddy - or perhaps a stranger?

Stimulates the senses

The rocking feature of TimberLounge stimulates the senses and assists in developing the balance with the person using the furniture.

TimberLounge is created with the intention of providing a space for hanging out. It is a more leaned back version of our popular TimberNest, but still with the curvy base that allows for rocking back and forth. The rubber fenders at the base allows for TimberLounge to be placed on tile or asphalt without it being damaged.

  • Weather resistant
  • For sale or for rent

L: 2300mm
H: 700mm
W: 1000mm

Frame and sides: Bodex
Screws: Stainless A4 screws
Wooden slats: Oak/Douglas fir

Danish Oak:
+25 years of durability in Class 3 (DS/EN 413)
Wooden slats in oak on our outdoor furniture

Danish Douglas Fir:
10-15 years of durability in Class 3 (DS/EN 413)
wooden slats in Douglas fir on our social furniture

Let us do the work for you

Maintenance and sustainability goes hand in hand. We produce furniture that lasts long, but you can extend its life by showing it some love every now and then. You can do it yourself or let us do it.

Produktion af byrumsmøbler og sociale møbler, der skaber mere naturligt samvær

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