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Byrumsinventar - Sociale møbler på marinaen i Kolding

We love social furniture

TimberNest is a start-up from Odense, who wants to challenge the way people interact with each other in modern society. We engage in the authentic interaction between people by designing social furniture that creates the backdrop for building natural relations.

Our products creates a vibrant setting and invites movement and play into urban spaces. TimberNest stimulates the user’s senses and tempts curious souls with its innovative design.

At the same time we expect from ourselves that products should be of the highest quality and as sustainable as possible.

Six students created a piece of furniture..

In Spring 2016, six engineering students from The University of Southern Denmark were faced with a semester project. The task was to design a piece of furniture for Tinderbox, a festival in Odense. The furniture had to create a nice setting and a social atmosphere for the many visitors at the festival.

The students brainstormed and that is how the first prototype of a TimberNest came about. Tinderbox was so excited about the final result that the festival ordered the first 10 TimberNests to ever be produced.

Sociale møbler på Tinderbox
Kristian - stifter af TimberNest, virksomheden bag de populære sociale møbler

..one took it further and built a business.

Kristian was part of the project group that developed the furniture, which Tinderbox fell in love with. He quickly saw the potential in designing furniture that can bring people closer to each other in a time, where we are experiencing an increasing degree of individualization in society.

He has since built the company TimberNest on the concept of social furniture and every day he works hard to improve and advance that concept to other parts of Denmark and the world.

This little portrait of TimberNest was made in connection with SDU Startup Station Night 2021.

Meet the team behind TimberNest

Kristian Grove

Kristian Grove

Founder & Owner

Emilie Munck


Bent Kiddemose​


Søren Lekbo

Sales & Marketing

Andreas Franker

Andreas Franker

Sales Assistant