A new take on the classic game of tic tac toe in the same Nordic design as the rest of our furniture. Place it on the playground, the city square or in the park.


Most of us know the rules for tic tac toe and TicTacTimber is therefore easy to access for children and adults.

Several boards

With two boards in the same piece of furniture it is possible for two groups to play at the same time. Did anyone say tic tac toe tournament?

Long life

Just like the other outdoor furniture in our product selection, TicTacTimber is made from quality wood from Danish forests so that it lasts long.

TicTacTimber is a game of tic tac toe for the playground, park or city square. The game is developed in the same design language as our other products and therefor fits well with for instance TimberNest. TicTacTimber also comes in a version with one board instead of two.

  • Weather resistant
  • Needs to be mounted to the ground
  • It is possible to have a logo printed on the bricks

L: 2000mm
H: 1600mm
W: 300mm

Sides: Bodex
Screws: Stainless A4 screws
Frame and foot: Galvanized steel
Bricks: Oak
Wooden slats: Oak/Douglas fir

Danish Oak:
+25 years of durability in Class 3 (DS/EN 413)
Wooden slats in oak on our outdoor furniture

Danish Douglas Fir:
10-15 years of durability in Class 3 (DS/EN 413)
wooden slats in Douglas fir on our social furniture

Let us do the work for you

Maintenance and sustainability goes hand in hand. We produce furniture that lasts long, but you can extend its life by showing it some love every now and then. You can do it yourself or let us do it.

Produktion af byrumsmøbler og sociale møbler, der skaber mere naturligt samvær

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