See how we produce our furniture

We focus on producing as sustainable furniture as possible by using a local supply of raw material, local suppliers, environmentally friendly materials and with a focus to minimize material waste in our production.

Vi vil producere bæredygtige møbler

We're planting trees

Wood is a sustainable resource and forests are the lungs of the Earth. We want to help in looking after the Danish forests and that’s why we plant two trees for every tree used in our furniture production.

We work together with Growing Trees Network, who plants trees in Denmark. That way, we make sure that the trees, which we sponsor, are actually planted.

We focus on local production

We believe that having a local production is a big part of producing sustainable furniture. In our production in Denmark, we are determined to integrate sustainability in as many ways as possible. We strive to always use local labor and suppliers, so that we both minimize transportation in our value chain and contribute economically to the community, which we are part of.

Vi vil producere bæredygtige møbler
Sociale møbler og byrumsinventar på gågaden i Hjørring

We think circularly

We are constantly working to optimize our production in order to minimize material waste. We design our furniture based on the principles of circular economy, such as design for disassembly, so we can minimize the virgin material used and reuse materials as much as possible. In stead of disposing of the entire product, we can exchange parts of it and extend the life of the product itself.

We choose materials carefully

Environmental friendliness and durability are two deciding factors, when it comes to choosing the materials we use in our production. Wood is the majority of the materials we use. Wood is both strong and durable, but it is also one of the most sustainable materials that exists. We primarily use wood from danish state-controlled forests. In Denmark, forest areas are preserved, which means that deforestation is avoided and instead continuous forest growth is ensured. We treat the wood with a water-based wood oil and Nordic Eco-label certified paint in order to prevent rot and thereby extend the life of our products.

TimberNest vil producere bæredygtige møbler
Udlejning af møbler til events, festivaler og virksomheder

We work with new business models

We offer to rent our furniture on a yearly as well as a monthly basis. With rental we can reduce the amount of resources used to meet our customers’ needs and save them money too. A win-win for climate change and our customers.

Rental is a big part of our business, as many of our customers has seasonal needs.

Our furniture should contribute positively

As a relatively new business, we have had the opportunity to integrate sustainability from the beginning. Wanting to produce sustainable furniture is a part of our DNA and the way in which we operate our business.

Vi are far from perfect, men strive to improve our positive impact and reduce our negative impact.

Vi vil producere bæredygtige møbler